Landlords & Real Estate Agents/Brokers

Money Consultants offers Landlords and Agents the opportunity to help their tenants and clients while at the same time making more money.

Do you have a commercial tenant who is frequently behind in rent? Instead of eviction, accepting a loss, or having your commercial space sit empty and covering all expenses yourself (such as TMI), put your tenant in touch with Money Consultants.

Money Consultants has a solution that can immediately relieve your tenant’s cash flow crisis, get your rent money in your bank account, and help your tenant overcome a temporary financial challenge – all with absolutely no cost to you.

Money Consultants will determine whether we can help your tenant get back on their feet during the first meeting. Instead of waiting for your tenant to resolve their temporary financial difficulties, call Michael today. There is no cost or obligation.

What if you could earn more money by helping your landlord client keep his existing tenants instead of listing vacant units? A great idea that’s no cost to you or to your client.

It can take, on average, one full year for a landlord to see profits from a rental property. So if you can provide consulting services to these landlords that can help them get paid faster and reduce the number of delinquent tenants, you’ll become a key component of their success. And a valued contact.

Money Consultants’ Solutions for Landlords can help your client start collecting rent faster or make them aware they need to take immediate action towards a delinquent tenant. You either save them valuable time and money and earn a fee for doing so or you get the listing anyway. It’s a win-win as Money Consultants will split the solutions fee (but not your real estate commission) with you based on a successful outcome.

To learn more call Michael at 416-565-9455.