When the BANK says NO, Money Consultants says YES

Businesses, whether small or large, need access to capital to operate and grow. Many companies face challenges accessing financing at the time when they need it the most. These businesses may have an imperfect financial history, weak cash flow, or are burdened by debt and for those reasons may not qualify to receive financing provided by the banks. Money Consultants can help by first carefully assessing the current situation and then by suggesting alternative financing solutions.

Does your business urgently need financing to operate, expand or to deliver on new orders but you can’t get it? Have you been turned down by a bank due to prior history, existing debt or because your business doesn't have asset-backed collateral a bank would accept to advance funding? Do you feel like you've been running in circles and nobody will listen?

Count on Money Consultants for: financing for start-ups, business loans, equipment and machinery leases, mortgages*, debt restructuring, factoring solutions (financing based on receivables), solutions for landlords with delinquent tenants, broker referrals, and government programs.

* Michael Yasny is a licensed mortgage agent #11001545 with   Broker #12543.


We work with other financial professionals who are interested in earning more income and serving their client's best interests whose needs can't be fulfilled with a single product. We work with business brokers, landlords and real estate agents/brokers to deliver alternative financial solutions to their clients.